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organic circuits

summer - fall 2015

Experimental x Organic x Sustainable x Research


Organic Circuits was another facet of the body of research I did in 2015 titled Unconventional Methods for Creating Computational Hardware.  The main objective of this part of the research was to study techniques for growing organic matter and develop these techniques into growing some sort of computational hardware.   This project was an attempt at growing organic wires.


What if, when we were finished with our devices, we just threw them into the compost?  What is the best method of embedding conductive elements in an organically grown environment?  For this project, I explored growing cellulose bacteria nano-structures which are created as a byproduct of the kombucha brewing process.  The idea was to grow these structures which formed a dense leathery film, test introducing conductive elements at various points of the growth cycle, harvest the growth and dry it out, thereby condensing the cellulose bacterial conductive sheet.  


The research lasted a year with 12 different processes being tested.  At the end of the research, there was no promising outcome resulting from the methods I tested.  I plan on continuing this research sometime in the near future.

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